Thursday, July 26, 2012


This morning I had my medication outline phone call with a nurse from the clinic.  I had gotten the paperwork yesterday in the mail with prescriptions and med schedule.  Luckily teaching summer school is pretty relaxed so I was able to step out of the classroom and take the call.  I had told the kiddos I'd have to answer my phone at 8:45.  Of course they were watching the clock and said my call was right on time.  Ha!   Everything is very organized and well laid out so we can keep track of everything; and it's a lot to keep track of!  There are less meds than if we were using my eggs, but it's still a lot.  I will continue with the bc pills until Aug. 5th and then start the next med which will make my body shed my uterine lining one last time and to prep for the next meds.  I woke in the middle of the night thinking about starting meds while we are on vacation in California.  I was worried it would be an injection med that needed to be in the fridge and how would I get it on the plane?  Luckily, the med that starts then is just a pill. At this point, we only know dates for some of the meds and the next steps depend on how the donor's eggs are coming along.  Everything is at 7 am, so I won't be sleeping in my last weeks of summer break, but hopefully that's just getting me ready for next summer of also not sleeping in!  I have the pharmacy my mom works at checking some prices with her discount.  Hopefully, they can get a few things at a good price, but I know a couple I will have to order from a specialty pharmacy in the cities and I'll do that tomorrow.  It's getting real that we're going for it now!  Get the prayers going now folks!!

P.S.  Last night I caught the hubby reading the blog.  He clicked out as soon as I saw him like he was ordering me a present or looking at something naughty (the second option, much more likely:)!  "I was just reading your stuff."  Ha!  I'll start asking if he wants to do a guest post!

- Sarah

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