Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Packet in the mail

And that packet is 14 pages of information about a possible egg donor!   The donor egg coordinator, "J,"  called me back this afternoon.  I have to increase my thyroid medication, my numbers are higher than they should be.  No other blood-work information has come in yet.  And yes, the packet she mentioned in her message yesterday contains information about a possible egg donor!  On the phone she said that the donor has a little more green eyes than I do (mine are more blue), but looks a lot like me.  Big green eyes, long lashes, brown hair, and she's really cute!  Ha!  This will be her 5th time going through the process as a donor and they really like her at the clinic.  She must have really good eggs and many success stories.  That's all I know for now.  The packet will have more information like medical history, education, career, etc.  After reviewing the information, we will decide to chose her as a donor  match or can pass too if we don't think it's right.   I am excited to have another step in the process done, but it's a little overwhelming to be packing, moving, working on a grad class, and getting ready to leave for the weekend again.  My emotions are all over the place tonight.

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