Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Full Term Baby

This time around, our goal is for a full term baby.  My real dream is to be over due this time around to get a few days of school in at the beginning of the year.  We'll see if I'm still saying this mid-August.  I never did get to the miserable stage with my pregnancy with Bayden so I don't really know what I'm talking about.  We just want to avoid the nicu and all the stress that went with a preemie in the beginning.

So, here is the plan for keeping this little surprise cooking for as long as possible.

At our first doctor appointment last week, our doctor discussed some of our plan with us and then also said she would discuss our "case" at their high risk pregnancy meeting with the other doctors.  I like to think about a room of doctor's making a plan for us!

Today, I had my first progesterone shot.  I will see a nurse every Tuesday until mid July for this shot.  These should have started around 16 weeks, but you know I didn't know I was pregnant back then.  I'm not sure why I have to go in for this when we are quite familiar with these.  With Bayden, I had this shot every night for 12 weeks at home.  This is how it works though in these natural pregnancies I guess.

Weekly monitoring will start once I get to the 3rd trimester.

I will have at least one more ultrasound to check on my cervix and make sure nothing is happening too early.

The paraprofessionals in my classroom are worried that Bayden came early because I was still doing some lifting at school.  They have set some strict rules, no more lifting.

Hopefully this plan helps this little one stay put for as long as possible.  Bayden and our surprise will be close enough in age!

Monday, April 14, 2014

We're One of "Those" Couples

I've read about them on other blogs and I've heard stories from friends and family.  We've talked and dreamed about it happening, but never thought it really would for us.  Of course if it did happen for us, it would be years from now we thought.

It happened.  We are one of those couples that gets pregnant on their own after years of infertility.

Go back and read it again, it's real!  We're pregnant!  Now, here is the really embarrassing story that explains a few of my past posts including my recent weight gain and milk supply that disappeared.

I wrote about my weight gain on here a little while ago.  What I didn't write was that my husband was noticing this weight gain too.  For over a month, he would ask me every couple days.  He would say things like "do you think you could be pregnant?"  "this isn't just normal weight gain."  To which I would respond "it's time to accept this as my body after having a baby" "I'm not wasting money on a pregnancy test"  "it's more likely a stomach tumor."  In the past 5 years, I've seen enough negative pregnancy test, I didn't need to see another one.

Finally, on March 25th, I bought one.  I still knew it would be negative, but wanted to shut him up.  I took it the next morning before work.  Right away, there was a plus sign.  "Oh shit" were my first words.  Not because it was bad news, just because it was a big surprise.  Gav asked what I was going to do (meaning about calling the doctor).  I said I want to keep it!  On my way to work I called to get in for blood work, explaining that I had no idea how far along I was.  They asked when my last period was and it was before we did IVF, August 2012.  I went in for blood work later that morning.  A nurse called that afternoon saying my numbers looked good and they would see me the next week for an ultrasound to find out how far along I was.  She guessed by my numbers that I was 7 or 8 weeks.

We spent the rest of the week in total shock.  Gavin got busy crunching the numbers right away, worrying about daycare costs and working the budget.  I got busy enjoying some extra treats and not sucking in my stomach.

On April 4th we went in for an ultrasound.  She explained that beings they thought I was about 8 weeks, we would do a trans-vaginal ultrasound (how I missed that wand) to get better measurements and a due date.  We were hoping to see a heart beat that day and just hear that everything was ok.  After about 20 seconds with the wand, the tech said, "so the baby is bigger than 8 weeks, I'm going to take this out."  We told her that we thought we were a little farther along, we were thinking 12-13 weeks. I also said how I would be really embarrassed if we were far enough to find out the gender.   She moved to my belly for the ultrasound.

The next thing you know, we are seeing everything:  the spine, the brain, the kidneys, the stomach, face, arms, legs, everything.  This baby is bigger than 13 weeks.  It was so embarrassing.  You would think after all I've been through, I would know my body better.  We just kept laughing and telling her that we didn't think this could happen.  Our first baby cost over $60,00, took an egg donor and 5 years, this can't be real.  The ultrasound turned out to be our big ultrasound and measurements put us at 19 weeks 2 days, due date August 27th.  She was able to find out the gender - it's a girl!  She felt bad that she couldn't get many good pictures as our little surprise was moving around or covering parts most of the time.  We told her that was fine, this ultrasound would be memorable enough.

We went upstairs to see a nurse and schedule more appointments.  I didn't get scolded like I thought I would about missing out on the first half of pregnancy.  Especially when they see our fertility history.

Now, we are over 20 weeks and still a little in shock, but couldn't be happier.  We are so happy Bayden will have that sibling we never thought we could give her.

I will leave you with a few pictures.  There is more to the story - family and friends responses and a plan for keeping this one on the inside longer, so check back again.

20 weeks

We will call this one our little surprise

a little crowded where she is sitting right now

11 months

Almost 1 year old.  We can't believe how fast this year has gone.  Here is an update and picture from the past month.

Bayden is cruising around the furniture and pushing her little walker around, but no steps all on her own yet.  It could be any day or it could be awhile beings she can crawl so fast.  She is standing all by herself for up to a minute.  This started about a week and a half ago.  She would stand by the coffee table and bounce to gear up, and then let go.

She eats like crazy still.  Her favorite is still meat, but some other favorites lately are melon, tomatoes, and cheese.  She's gotten to taste some treats the past month at a few birthday parties.  I think she will lick her high chair clean on her birthday.  She still gets 3 bottles a day.  Daycare is all business and no more bottles the day she turns one.  I am going to keep the night time one until we see her doctor the next week.  It seems like so many calories to take away from her.  The nicu is still in my head on this!

She is the best sleeper still.  We hope this never goes away.  She goes to bed around 8:00 after a bottle.  We turn her music on and set her in her crib and she puts herself to sleep.

She loves to bounce (it's her new dance move), give kisses (real and by blowing them), teasing Benson (dog), clapping, being held, music, and stroller rides now that we've finally had a few warmer days.