Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Full Term Baby

This time around, our goal is for a full term baby.  My real dream is to be over due this time around to get a few days of school in at the beginning of the year.  We'll see if I'm still saying this mid-August.  I never did get to the miserable stage with my pregnancy with Bayden so I don't really know what I'm talking about.  We just want to avoid the nicu and all the stress that went with a preemie in the beginning.

So, here is the plan for keeping this little surprise cooking for as long as possible.

At our first doctor appointment last week, our doctor discussed some of our plan with us and then also said she would discuss our "case" at their high risk pregnancy meeting with the other doctors.  I like to think about a room of doctor's making a plan for us!

Today, I had my first progesterone shot.  I will see a nurse every Tuesday until mid July for this shot.  These should have started around 16 weeks, but you know I didn't know I was pregnant back then.  I'm not sure why I have to go in for this when we are quite familiar with these.  With Bayden, I had this shot every night for 12 weeks at home.  This is how it works though in these natural pregnancies I guess.

Weekly monitoring will start once I get to the 3rd trimester.

I will have at least one more ultrasound to check on my cervix and make sure nothing is happening too early.

The paraprofessionals in my classroom are worried that Bayden came early because I was still doing some lifting at school.  They have set some strict rules, no more lifting.

Hopefully this plan helps this little one stay put for as long as possible.  Bayden and our surprise will be close enough in age!

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