Sunday, October 27, 2013

6 Months

Only a little over a week behind this time!  On October 18th Bayden turned half a year old.  I can't believe how fast it's going.  She had a 6 month birthday party with family at a hotel.  Not really just for her, the family weekend just happened to be that day.  I thought it was funny though and kept asking when she should open presents.

Here are her stats from her 3 doctor appointments last week:
*  She weighs 13 lb. 12 oz., 24 3/4 in long, and 40.5 cm head circumference.  Still a peanut.
*  She past her 6 month vision screening.  A little more far sighted than the typical 6 month old baby, but nothing to worry about.
*  She still needs her apnea monitor while she sleeps.  The alarm doesn't go off, but it is still recording apneas of 15-17 seconds long.
*  She is pretty much caught up developmentally motor wise and wouldn't need to see her nicu doc anymore if it weren't for the apnea issue!
*  She is still a little behind on her language skills, not very chatty yet.

She is still a good baby and sleeping well at night.  She is up during the night about twice a week, but usually I wake her up after I'm ready for work.  We had a couple rough nights after staying at the hotel and so much snuggling with family, but we are back on track now.  She naps better at daycare than she does for us on the weekends.  We need to work on a nap schedule.

She is drinking 4 - 6 oz bottles and nursing when I'm around.  We started some food last week.  We did a couple days of squash from grandma's garden and tried some baby oatmeal tonight.  Not sure how much she gets down yet.

She had her first illnesses in October.  A few weeks ago she had pink eye and on Friday she had a fever.

We are getting bigger and bigger giggles everyday and that is our favorite part of this age.  Gavin wishes she could stay this age for a long time.

I think we have a Daddy's girl on our hands.  Gav said the other day that she looks at him and they have this connection.  They do, she smiles at whatever he says or does.  Makes me so happy.

Now for some fun pictures!

Bayden's 6 month birthday party

Cousin Caroline's baptism


With cousin, Maysen.  So trendy!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Five Months & Baptism, Finally

Sorry this is so late, but better late than never.  B is now 5 months old and baptized.  She is such a happy baby.  She does the raspberry, bubbles now and we get some good giggles.  Still waiting for the big belly laugh.  She also rolls from front to back if her arms are in just the right spot.  Sleeping through the night until we wake her up for daycare and then she is so smiley when she first sees us.  This is our favorite part of the day.  She weighed 12 lbs. 6 oz. when she saw her nicu doc at 5 months.  She is still on her apnea monitor at night and during naps at daycare.  It doesn't go off anymore, but it is still recording apnea spells up to 17 seconds when she sleeps.  We visited the nicu nurses that day too and they were excited to see her.  We had her baptism last weekend and celebrated with friends and family.  We feel so blessed everyday that she is in our lives, but on her baptism it felt so great to look up and see friends and family all around her.  I pray that she always has as much love and support as she did that day from her family, godparents, and friends.  Here are some pics of our growing girl.

Went for a day trip to see cousins in Sept.  Here is my aunt (one of my most faithful blog followers) and B's cousin, Jack.  

Just so you can see how she arches her back now.  She needs to be buckled into everything now.

Looking so cute at a wedding in Sept.  

First time in a bar!  She loved it and was a big hit as you can imagine
How she sleeps now.

Us with her godparents

Baptism gown.  Worn for 3 generations now.  

looking like a nun after the baptism!

Family at Baptism party.  

4 generations