Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The other time I was going to start a blog

I've been following infertility blogs for about 4 years; when I first went to Dr. google to find out why we weren't pregnant yet.  I've found so many blogs during that time that I've loved and learned from.  For me, finally starting my own blog was a grieving process and I'm now to the point where I wish I would have our journey so far documented, more than just that big binder of medical bills.  

The first time I seriously considered starting a blog, I was at my parents farm for a visit one summer, maybe 2009.  I want to say it was after our last injections cycle before moving to IVF.  Of course that would be information I would know if I'd really started then.  Anyway, I was out for a walk on the gravel roads enjoying the peace and quiet, dreaming of someday bringing kids back to the farm, and praying that the procedure we just did would work.  Probably cried more than once on that walk, damn 2 week wait.  On that walk, I told myself:  "if this one works, I'm starting a family blog."  You know the blog to show my bump pictures and keep family and friends up to date on our nursery and ultrasounds.  I also told myself that if this one didn't work, I would start an infertility blog.  Well, that cycle didn't work, but I am just getting to that blog now.  I've been in denial and grieving that family blog for awhile, but I'm here now, and ready to start sharing and documenting our new journey.


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