Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Consult Appointment

By first consult appointment, I mean first since we've decided to pursue an egg donor.  I can't count how many appointments we've had with an RE.  I know this is doctor number 3 and clinic number 2.  I'm really happy with how the appointment went.  He explained the process, which we mostly knew from a packet of information we had sent to us and we asked questions.  He feels this is a good option for us, but he also said he hasn't given up on my eggs.  We could have just had a bad batch with our IVF, but he does understand our reasoning for donor eggs and said the chances are much greater with donor eggs.  It was still nice to hear that I might have a few good eggs in me!  He also said that there is no reason to think that my uterus and body can't carry a baby.  I've always been worried that maybe my body just can't do it, but this made me feel positive about going forward.  The clinic's results for 2010 are recently out and they were at almost 80% success rate for donor eggs.  

The gal who organizes the donor egg process will be calling me on Monday to start setting up pre-screening appointments (which isn't a lot beings we've done so much already over the years) and get us on the donor waiting list.  If all goes well and we find a donor match, we should be set to go in September if we're ready!  I will be able to do most appointments in the clinic here, but Gavin will need to make one stop this summer to their clinic.  I'm hoping I can turn this into a little getaway for a night or two!  Praying that this appointment is a sign for good things to come!

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