Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the Market

Our house is officially on the market and here is how it's been going so far.  

We put it on Craigs.list on Thursday May 17 with a link to a website about our house that the hubby made.  Then, on Friday we had some handouts made and on Saturday we put out the For Sale By Owner sign.  On, Sunday a realtor called and brought over a young couple.  That was our first showing.  We had a showing set up for Monday, but they didn't show.  Tuesday night, hubby had 4 calls from one lady who finally left a message on the fourth call.  He was playing softball, so couldn't answer.  She came with her dad (who will be buying a house for her) on Tuesday, stayed for an hour and had a lot of good things to say.  We had a third showing on Wednesday and that person also had a lot of nice things to say, but has a house to sell before she can buy.  On Friday, the lady from Wed. brought her dad, mom, husband and 4 kids.  Again, they stayed for an hour and had great things to say:  "beautiful  home", "I can picture us here", "it just feels like home."  They were even picking out bedrooms for the kids and deciding where to put things in my kitchen cupboards.  Their 5 year old son came and talked to us when the parents were looking at the basement.  Gavin asked what he was up to this weekend and he said, "we're moving here."  His twin told us, "the basement is awesome, we could really play wii down there."  I was pretty sure it was sold.  They told us they would call on Saturday.  We then showed it again Friday night, but she was just browsing, not seriously looking yet.  

So, Saturday morning, Gavin went to play softball and I went to the gym.  I sent a text to see if he'd heard anything.  I was secretly planning how I wanted to celebrate that night.  His text back said, "they're passing.  no joke."   I couldn't believe it.  I was so sure that after 5 years, things were turning around for us and it was going to start to get easy.  We were crushed.  Of course after that news, I have to go shopping for a baby shower gift.  I couldn't handle it and bought a gift card.  Gavin gave me a pep talk:  the house has nothing to do with the baby shower, it's only been on the market a week, etc.  I took a bath, relaxed, said some prayers, and went to the baby shower.   

I'm not sure this for sale by owner is for me.  I guess I can't think it's sold until the money is in the bank not when they pick out rooms.  Hopefully people see it in the paper this weekend and we'll have some more calls and showings.   


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