Monday, May 14, 2012

On the list

I talked to the coordinator for egg donation today at our fertility clinic.  We are officially on the list for an egg donor match!  She is looking for a gal with "dark brown hair, blue eyes, of average height, and trim build."  And great eggs.  They had a black and white picture of me and the doctor must have told her some information; I wouldn't have said trim build had she asked me.  She just asked my eye color and it did feel a little weird, like I was ordering something over the phone.  I'll take one with blue eyes.

In other news, my mom was here this weekend to help with the house stuff.  She worked her ass off, poor thing.  Even on mother's day.  We went out to eat Saturday night and when she went to the bathroom Gavin said, "I'm so glad your mom came to help.  You would have never done all that by yourself."  I can't even get mad that he said that because there is no telling what I would have been up to if she weren't here this weekend.  Maybe shopping.  He also said that he looked over once as he was working in the yard and there she was up on a ladder, cleaning windows and he was wondering where I was then.  Probably switching songs on the ipod or something.  Thanks mom, you're the best!

Projects done this weekend:  house cleaned, windows cleaned, staging, yard work, flowers planted, a few boxes put away, outside trim painted.  My house has never been this clean and there were a couple cleaning projects when I told my mom "this has never been done."  We've lived here almost 6 years...

All that's left is to take some pictures and put a sign out front!  12 more days of school and then I'll be starting my summer job as a realtor.  Wish us luck for a quick sale.

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