Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today was my first mother's day.  Usually not the happiest of days for me as an infertile.  I've held back tears in church on mother's day for 5 years.  I've had to leave the room to not cry in front of people as they took a picture of "just the mom's."  I've always tried to keep my mind on my mom and the all the other mom's I love, but it was still hard to not be sad. While it wasn't how I had imagined my first mother's day; I thought I would be pregnant still, not visiting the nicu, it was a fabulous day.  

I actually got to celebrate for 2 days.  Flowers were delivered yesterday morning from Gavin with a beautiful note and there was a celebration for the nicu mommies last night.  They had cake and presents for all the moms including a picture frame with her picture, a manicure lotion set (very appropriate for all those 3 minute hand washing sessions we have to do before holding our babies), and a candle.  I also won a cute teddy bear and another lotion.  The best gift of course was holding and rocking my baby today.   Her present to me was that she ate over 70 ml twice today.  This is a big deal and part of graduation criteria in the nicu.  If her breathing keeps improving, I think she will be home soon.  Of course they haven't given us a time line yet.  

Bayden & I on my first mother's day

My mom with Bayden.  Happy Mother's Day mom!  

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