Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big Girl

It's official.  As of yesterday at noon, Bayden is the oldest baby in the nicu.  All the babies who were there when she was born have left for home.  One lil fella maybe went to some other kind of long-term care facility, but he still got to leave the nicu.  Not an accomplishment we are super excited about, but maybe she's just making sure her first friends are all doing well before going home herself.  What a good friend!  Hope she doesn't get attached to the new babies or we'll never her get her out.

She has gained over 2 pounds since her birth weight.  She's a good little eater even though she has some big feeds and then small ones later.  I think she's just ready to eat on her own schedule instead of following what the nurses have planned.  We do breast feeding twice a day and I'm hoping today they say we can bump it up to 3 times a day.  She is a noisy eater - grunting, loud breaths, sighs, and all kinds of noises when breastfeeding or bottle.  It's a little harder so keep eating when mom keeps giggling at her funny sounds.

She is acting so much older now too.  She is awake more, looking around, moving her head to follow voices and sounds (I think, this could be a fluke).  She also stretches and moves her arms and legs more too.  I'm hoping she is awake more because she is getting older and not just because she is hopped up on the high dose of caffeine she is on to help with her breathing.  I keep telling her she needs to keep breathing because she is going to start getting really bored in the nicu the older she gets.

The doctor has decided that she needs to go 1 week without having a breathing episode needing oxygen before going home.  We have made it 4 days so far!  Please say a prayer that she can keep it going and come home at the end of the week.

Now the real reason family still looks at my blog, pictures.

1 month old - May 18th

cuddling with grandma last week

So big!  Look at her red hair in pics!!

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