Monday, January 28, 2013

22 Weeks

22 weeks and 1 day today, and shit is starting to seem real folks!  Just took a little over half the pregnancy.   I think it is starting to sink in because plans for summer are starting to pop up and I'll catch myself thinking about planning something and then suddenly think, oh wait we'll have a baby then.  This summer we won't be able to last minute go to a baseball game and drink beers in the sun all afternoon.  Well, we can but we'll have to find a sitter, pump, and I don't even know what else would go into that kind of day.  Here's the scoop for 22 weeks!

Little One:  Weighs about 1 pound and is about 11 inches long.  His or her eyes are formed and tiny tooth buds are developing beneath the gums.

Momma is feeling great and loving being pregnant.  Heart burn and bloody noses are the only pains.  I've gained 18 pounds since starting meds.  While this pregnancy is finally feeling real, I still have fears.  Today I bought 2 huge boxes of diapers because they were on sale but had thoughts of what I would do with all these diapers if something goes wrong.  I almost put them back and thought about coming back after our appointment.  Will that ever go away?  Nothing sounded better than hearing the heartbeat again today.  I still have no movements to report that I know of; and that's what everyone asks me.   So I have to break it to people and say about 10 times a day how I can't feel anything yet.  Doctor said any day now.

Daddy:  Things are getting real for daddy too.  He's really thinking about the budget and it sounds like my 5 year shopping spree that he calls it is coming to an end.   He also seems to think that we will just sit around and not leave the house all summer with a new baby.  I'm trying to explain that you can bring a baby places.

House hunting:  There are finally some houses on the market in the last week or two.  We've looked at 4 so far, none to get real excited about but we're hoping it's a sign that more and more will be coming up for sale.

22 week bump


  1. 22 weeks! Your pregnancy is flying by! Well for me anyway! Lol! You look great! I started to get excited at about the same time. Try an experiment for me... Eat a chocolate bar and then lay down on your back, see if you feel anything! That was the only way I could get Lola kicking good enough for me to feel her at the beginning! LOL!
    All my best to you!

  2. You look totally adorable! So glad that you are enjoying pregnancy! Ihope that you find a house that you like soon. Do you mind if I ask: do you think about the donor at all? ever? I am hoping to be in your situation very soon and wondering how I will feel. Tanks for posting!

  3. I did a post on the 24th about how I feel about being a DE mom. I do think of my donor often though. I pray for her and her family and I thank her everyday for her generous gift. I bought 3 books that I read to Lola to help her grow up knowing her story of conception. We have always wanted to be an open book about our journey as we were afraid if we didn't openly discuss it with our children they might feel like it was something we were ashamed of. And it's not. It's a miracle. It's just such an awesome option for us.