Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Baby Girl

Everyone has guessed that we're having a girl except for one person.  People are making their "educated" guesses based on the little one's heart rate, my pulse, and even a math formula based on my age and the month of conception.  

Did you think that we opened the envelope?  Ha!  Thought I would get people excited by the title!  Just wanted to write a post about what people are guessing.  I actually don't even know where the envelope is, Gavin put it somewhere and it's not bugging him to look anymore either, or maybe he already did.

And for a few random updates:

We looked at a house tonight after work.  It was well over the budget, but we like the neighborhood, and I thought it would make me feel better to look at a house, lift my spirits that we will someday we will be homeowners again.  Gav didn't want to go because of the price.  He was worried I'd fall in with it and he would have to break my heart.  Turns out it wasn't a great house on the inside so he was worked up for no reason.  

I'm heading down south to see my parents, the snowbirds, tomorrow.  Of course, it's supposed to cool down while we're there, but it will still be warmer than up here.  Excited to see them and for them to see the little one.  Talk to you for a 20 week update in a few days, half way!!!!  

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  1. Everyone thought I was carrying a boy and everyone was wrong! You can never tell until you see the 'goods'! LOL!
    Have a great time seeing your parents.
    All my best!