Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Half Way

This post is a little late, on Sunday we were at 20 weeks, half way there!

Little One:  Is about the size of a banana and weighs a over 10 ounces.  His or her digestive system is busy practicing for life on the outside this week too.

Momma:  According to the baby app on my phone, I should have gained 10 pounds by now.  I am ahead of schedule in this area.  Great.  I am currently at the same weight I was at in my second year of teaching, when I lived all alone and didn't do much besides snack, my big days.  From here on out, I will gain about a pound a week.  Hmmm....  I'm feeling great, but have just one complaint, heartburn.  I didn't even know what this was 5 months ago, but it's been bothering me at night lately.  

20 weeks, me and baby in Vegas!

Daddy:  I'm not real sure how daddy is feeling this week.  With me being gone for a long weekend and something going on every night this week, I haven't seen him much.  I do know he missed the little one and me while we were gone because he said, 4 nights was a long time, you're never gone for that long.  He is definitely noticing that baby and I are growing!    

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