Thursday, September 13, 2012

We're Here!

We just got to our hotel.  We both worked full days, packed up, and were on the road.  Of course I still needed my shot at 7:00 so we stopped about half way at a rest stop.  I ran in to use the bathroom while Gav finished getting our hotel for tonight.  Then, he ran in while I got my shot ready.  He gets to the car and it goes something like this:

I kneel on the front seat and get my pants down a bit (shot goes just below the hips).  Gavin pokes, pulls back to check for blood, and starts the shot.  It takes a bit of time because it's a thick oil.  Here comes the maintenance guy (maybe 65) but I can't stop and get my butt down at this point, Gavin is in the middle of my shot, so they chat...

Maintenance guy: "how do you like your car?"
Gav: "like it a lot"
MG:  "what year is it?"
Gav:  "2012"
Me, still kneeling:  "2011" (like it mattered)
MG:  "just bought a 2009 with 35,000 miles and really like it, I can see out great"
Gav:  "you'll really like it on winter roads"
MG:  "yeah, nice looking vehicles."

And pull out shot, and we are back on the road.  Can't make this stuff up folks.  Wish I had a reality show so you could have seen it.  I text my sister-in-law a shortened version and she said we sure have stories to tell the little ones someday.  

I've been pretty stress free this week as it doesn't really feel real yet.  I know the hard days are coming after tomorrow.  I had my first tears today though as my good friend at school wished us well at the end of the day.  She knows the waiting will be the hard part and has already offered to help out if I need it the next few weeks.

Tomorrow is the big day!  We check in at 7:45 and transfer is scheduled for 8:15.  Keep praying!

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