Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beautiful Weekend With Family

This weekend, we headed to my parents' farm.  My dad claims they are "getting too old" to do the tree trimming.  I think he just wanted to get us all home for a weekend now that harvest is over.  Well,  he got us all home and it was a beautiful weekend.  Here's how if all went.  It's a great story, a little long, but you'll like it!

We decided to take Friday off because it was our first blood draw to see if our DE (donor egg)  IVF worked.  Did you like how I just snuck that info in there.  By Wednesday, anxiety was pretty high and we knew we couldn't wait until after work to get the news and we didn't want to get the news at work either.  So, I had my bloodwork at 7:30 and then we just got ready and packed in the morning, very nervous for the phone call.  Then we headed for the farm.  We stopped at our college hockey team's store to shop on the way and grab some lunch.  Still no call and it was 1:00.  I know they aren't open all day on Friday so I was starting to think they left a message on their voicemail system.  Gav said he would listen to it.  I set him up and I think he got cut off twice and pushed the wrong buttons twice, making the suspense build even more.  Finally, he got through and I watched him listening, and then came the fist pump and "we're pregnant, it worked"  I cried and took a turn to listen for myself and then we put it on speaker.  He called his dad and I sent a text to a friend, but wanted to tell my family in person.

We got to the farm and no one was home, but we drove the rhino to where my dad was working, or watching the john.deere guy work.  I didn't want to say anything then in front of the mechanic.  After awhile, I went home and Gav gave my dad a ride to a tractor or something.  By then my mom was home and asked right away.  Her response was "I knew it!"  When my dad got home we told him and of course he made a joke that he thought I'd put on some weight.  You probably have to know my dad to think this is funny.  Then, my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew arrived and my dad said something about Howie being his oldest grandson, and my sister-in-law was in tears, then I was, then my dad was.  It was a great moment and lots of hugs.  My sister and brother-in-law arrived late that night and I told her the next morning.   Saturday brought a long walk, yard work, out to eat, and lots of laughs.

It is very early obviously and Friday is just one of the many hurdles ahead, but we enjoyed celebrating the good news while we could.  Our hcg number on Friday was 1791 which the nurse said, "is a good, strong number, but too early to tell if 1 or 2 worked."  I will go in again for bloodwork tomorrow morning and hopefully my numbers continue to go up.  Doctor wants me to continue all the meds for now too.

Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Gav calling his dad! Found out later he cried like a baby.  Probably because he's hoping we move out! 
Me and Benson doing yard work.  Actually, I just stood around or drove the toolcat.  Gav saw me holding a rake once and yelled across the yard, "PUT IT DOWN, DON'T DO ANYTHING!"

Grandma and Howie in the tractor

Grandpa, Robin (sister-in-law), and Howie going for a tractor ride

Gavin and his brother-in-laws (sister's husband Matt & my brother Brock)





My mom getting her first saki!
I didn't miss getting a saki shot!  Continue to pray that that things keep going this way and I will hopefully have more good news tomorrow night.  If you know me in real life, let's keep this info to the blog followers only!

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