Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Few More Things

Man, I just couldn't stay away for long!  A couple things came up that I wanted to document and remember, and let you know about.

  • My sister was in town yesterday and we went to lunch at a place called Lucky's, for good luck!
  • Yesterday, I spent most of the day relaxing on the deck because it was a beautiful day and the perfect way to follow doctor's orders.  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law stopped by the house.  They know what our plans are, but don't know about the blog or when we were planning to do anything.  My sister-in-law says, "Have you had your procedure?"  I told her we did the day before.  She asked because she had a dream I was pregnant last week! 
  • This morning at church part of the sermon was about someone in the bible (missed the name, I was a little in and out - I have a lot on my mind, people so don't judge).  Anyway, he had prayed for 10 days waiting for an answer from God.  Father asked, "How many of us have the patience to pray and wait for 10 days for God's plan?  Lord, give that patience. 
  • Later in the sermon, it was a long one, Father was talking about the importance of teaching our children to pray and praying with them.  Yesterday, a friend sent me a text that her little guy, who is 2, has been saying a prayer for us.  He prays for "Sarah and her babies."  Isn't that the cutest thing?  And so great that they pray as a family.
  • Then, they played 2 of my favorite church songs, 1 that they played at my Grandma's funeral. Really made me miss her and think how she would have loved this blog.  I can hear her laughing at us at the rest stop story.  
  • And, yes I was crying in church, but just a few tears though.   I wasn't a wreck or anything!
Thanks for checking back!  Always - Sarah

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