Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Next Inspection & Weekend Getaway

I had my "inspection" (of my uterus) on Thursday.  **Caution possible TMI.

I taught 2 hours of summer school that morning and then had to leave even though my sub didn't show.  My poor para's, but I guess it went fine without me.  I was supposed to take 800 mg of ibuprofen an hour before the appointment.  I realized that morning that would be 4 pills, which seemed like a lot.  I haven't taken that much all year.  I called to be sure, and the nurse said that was right.  Made me a little nervous for the pain.  I got to my appointment and did blood work first.  I always let them know to use the butterfly thing when taking blood because my veins are so small.  The guy taking blood on that day rolled his eyes and asked if I was kidding as he got out a tray for all the tubes he needed to fill.  He said couldn't use one, because they needed a lot of blood.  They finally are testing me for clotting issues.  I was told to have that checked out over a year ago when I was doing accupuncture, but the doctor always said it was too expensive and insurance wouldn't pay until a person has 3 miscarriages.  Really??  And this can be fixed with a pill...  Anyway, I was happy they are finally checking this.  He was able to get my veins no problem and sent me upstairs for the next part which involved filling my uterus with water while also looking around with the ultrasound wand.  I felt a little crampy, but being able to look at the screen was distraction enough.  I really like the doctor I went to and if I ever do get pregnant would want him, Dr. G.  They were mainly looking to be sure I didn't have any polyps in my uterus, which I don't.  He said the water was really flowing in there and through my tubes, which was good, tubes are still open.  He also showed me my bladder and bowels, "lots of bowels."  That's embarrassing, thanks for letting me know.  Then, I talked him in to checking my ovaries, as I've never seen what they are up to without medication.  Of course one side had nothing going on; but the other had 3 good sized folicles.  I was excited to hear this.  Obviously, not too excited and not getting my hopes up, but it's still nice to hear that my body is kind of doing what it's supposed to at the right time of the month.  Maybe if I finish reading 50 Shades this week....

After my appointment, I had to make one stop and then met my family who was waiting at my house to leave for a cabin we were visiting for the weekend.  As I'm driving, I was almost in tears as the cramps were coming on strong.  The nurse said I would be a little uncomfortable.  I just had to run into a store quick, so it was ok, just maybe walking a little funny.  Luckily I sneezed when I was almost to my car, there's all that water they put in!  I was worried that I would be miserable the first night at the cabin, but the cramping was gone after about 20 minutes.

We packed up the rest of our stuff and were on the road for a family getaway with my parents, my brother, his wife and son, and my sister and her husband.  It was a great weekend of eating, drinking, laughing, playing games, talking, and other family visiting us.  I really do have the best family!  This weekend we are heading to my home town to see more family and friends.

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