Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week 2 on the Market

I wanted to get a picture for this post, but haven't had a chance so I guess I'll do that later because I'm starting to forget and want to record the details of the sale of our house!!!  Here is an update of the 2nd week our house was on the market.

Monday evening (Memorial Day) the hubby showed the house while I made a quick trip to see my sister.  The guy, we'll call him "S", seemed to really like it and was looking for his retired parents who sold their house about an hour away.  He said he would tell them about the house and have them come to look at it later in the week.  On Tuesday, my father-in-law opened the house for a realtor to show it to a couple.  On Wednesday, I showed the house to "S" who came back with his parents.  They seemed to really like it too.   They only stayed about 25 minutes though and he asked that I'd have Gavin give him a call later that night.  I figured he just had questions about things I don't know about like the bills or furnace.  Gavin talked to him later that night and the only questions he had were about making an offer, earnest money, purchase agreements, etc.  A good sign, but after the weekend before, we didn't want to get too excited.  "S" called again on Thursday to say that his parents would be making an offer on Friday and to let him know if anyone else seemed interested or made an offer.

As I was driving home on Friday afternoon, already happy because it was the last day of school, Gavin said, "You'll never guess who called and made an offer."  I guessed "S."  Nope, it was the gal from the weekend before that led us on and then out of nowhere said they were going to pass.  We were still mad at them and we had told "S" we would let him know, and the offer was a little low.  Gavin updated "S" that we had an offer and he said he would call within 30 minutes with an offer and he did.  Gavin asked for $1000 more to include the washer and dryer, "S" said yes and we accepted the offer!

They came over on Sunday to sign the paperwork.  They are really nice people and will fit in great to our neighborhood as there are a lot of retired people.  The wife loves my colors so she won't paint a thing. They said we don't have to worry, our house will be well taken care of and we can just stop by anytime!  They must some how know it's a little bittersweet for us to sell.

I spent my first day of summer vacation going to the bank and to the title company to drop of the purchase agreement.  So far we are just very excited, but I know I'll get sad when we start packing up.  As of now, we will close on July 13th.

Praying that everything goes through with the sale and that the next steps in our journey go just as smoothly as this!

Always - Sarah Beth

Really cute picture of us with a SOLD sign to come later!

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