Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This morning was our house inspection.  I picked up a morning shift at my part-time job so my father-in-law opened the house for the inspectors.  I got home, relieved him, and sat in the next room acting like I wasn't listening.  The inspector said, "it's a good house, just a couple little things; but that's just how it is when the house is 30 some years old."  The new owner's son said he would call my husband tonight.  I am expecting that we will have to fix the garage door.  I guess it has a broken spring.  I thought it had been sounding funny.  We also have a floor heater in the basement bedroom that I overheard him say "shouldn't get that hot."  It's brand new, so hopefully it's nothing major to fix.  Other than that, it was things that may come up in the next few years that we had already talked to the new owners about.  No big surprises, so that's good.  The new owners have their inspection on their old house tomorrow.  Hopefully everything is fine on their end too.

In other news, I got a letter in the mail about what to expect at my sonohysterogram that is scheduled for next week.  Sounds like an "inspection" of my uterus for any abnormalities and they will also look for the best spot to place embryos when the time comes.  Doesn't sound like a fun appointment, but shouldn't be too uncomfortable if I take the suggested 800mg of IB's before.  The doctor will be able to tell me the results of the procedure at the appointment.  I'm hoping I hear something like this morning, "it's a good house (for a baby or two), just what I'd expect when you're 30 some years old!"  

Always, Sarah Beth  

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