Saturday, June 16, 2012


The house is sold (hopefully, I guess it's not official until the money is in the bank), but that doesn't mean that we start the next step in our journey right away.  The clinic we will be going through, doesn't do any IVF cycles in the summer anyway because they have found the their rates of success were less than other times in the year. Obviously our summer will be too busy anyway.  I don't want to lose my momentum of blogging though.  I feel like if I stop until the appointments start, I will quit all together.  So the summer of our journey will be about the distractions to keep our minds busy and not stressing about what is to come.  We have lots of exciting things planned for the summer to do this!    

Here were my distractions for last weekend.  Hubby left town and there wasn't anything going on here, so I headed to my sister-in-laws on Friday night to see her and my favorite little boy Howie (our 16 month old nephew).  My brother was out of town too, so I thought they might want some company.  We played outside, ate some supper, and then went to the park and pool that evening.   

My welcome!  
Hold still for one picture with Auntie before she has her swimsuit on Howie!

Howard with his momma.  Again, wanting to go, go, go; not get a picture.

Loving the pool!
 Saturday morning, the 3 of us headed to the capital city to meet up with my mom and dad.  We went out for lunch, did a little shopping, and hung out at the hotel.  

Grandpa letting Howard have some milkshake before his food comes.  

Watching the twins with grandpa. 

Swimming with grandma, grandpa, & mom.  Auntie had to get out for a drink and a picture!

Howie in his little island.
It was such a great weekend get away.  Howard is at a fun age, copying everything we do.  We taught him to clink glasses for "cheers!" and we're working on a joke about grandpa's hair and trying to teach him some new words.  He is so smart!  I see my sister-in-law with him and I want to be a mom just like her.  She's always teaching him something (love that as a teacher).  Then, she pulls out another home-made toy out for him and I think, "well, I probably won't ever be THAT good!"  Thanks for a fun weekend Robin, Mom, Dad, and Howie!  Gavin's spent last weekend playing fastpitch out of town.  He didn't get any pictures for the blog, weird!  Distractions for this week included homework for my summer class and a garage sale yesterday.  A lot of work, but got rid of a lot of stuff which means less to store!

Always - Sarah     


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  2. Ah...So fun!! Love the pictures! Thanks for helping Howie practice for the big lake this weekend :) See you SOON!