Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let Summer Vaca Begin

School's out!  I called my dad Thursday morning driving to school to say that I was driving to the last day of school of my 8th year of teaching.  Seems like just yesterday that I was at my first interview.  Most of this year, I've said it's been my hardest year of teaching; but the last day of school was so fun and the kids were so good.  When the last day was said and done I thought, maybe it wasn't such a bad year.

Thursday, I started celebrating with a few drinks at a patio bar with some co-workers and then walked to hubby's softball game to watch and hang out.  Some how we kept going and got home at 2 am.  Sometimes, we like to pretend we are 22.

Friday was a teacher day so I had a few meetings, finished my last little bit of paperwork, and then thought about packing up my classroom, but mostly just visited.  After school I got home to a letter in the mail.  I rarely get anything but bills in the mail, so it was already exciting.  It was an article clipped out of a magazine about a doctor's journey to motherhood and her reflections of Mother's Day.  It was from my good friend's sister.  It amazes me the people who pray for us and think of us.  This doctor had experienced infertility, IVF success and failures, and the loss of a child.  Then, her and her husband were led to adoption.   They weren't actively trying to adopt, but God had a plan for them and they adopted, twice; both times someone seeking them out.  Adoption happened for them because a friend had a friend, who knew they were struggling to start a family.  It reminded me that there is a reason we've decided to be open about our process with friends and with this blog.  You never know where you will be led in life.  We went out with friends Friday night with more celebrating and softball, with that little note and article in my head all night reminding me that God has a plan for us.  I'm just still learning to be patient and trust His plan, as I love to make a lot of other plans!  Yes, we were celebrating again, but waiting to post about that later when I have a picture!

This weekend, hubby coaches his last game of girls softball in the state tournament and I am spending my days relaxing, but have to work my part time job the evenings :(.   


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  1. Great reading material! Praying for you guys. Maybe we should meet up at the Catholic church in Alexandria...but that town is so hard to leave...