Saturday, March 2, 2013


I got the results of my glucose and other blood work at the end of the week.  Everything is in the normal range so that's good news.  I was a little worried because on Wednesday my job had a free wellness check and there my glucose came up pretty high, but I had just eaten breakfast so they said is was hard to tell.  My thyroid blood work is in the normal range, but borderline low.  My doctor was out so she will have the doctor decide if my meds should be adjusted on Monday.  I haven't had a adjust my thyroid meds since being pregnant and that has always surprised me because when we had our surprise pregnancy a few years ago they upped it 3 times before the miscarriage.  I guess my body just knows how to handle things this time.

I have a few more posts in the works including my first stranger belly rub, dancing pregnant, an infertility flashback story, and a blog post about the blog.  So I'll hopefully update a few more times this weekend, but Gavin is out of town for hockey today and I have to take advantage of the time to myself!  Just wanted to document that I don't have gestational diabetes.  Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Congrats on all the test results!

    They have already upped my thyroid meds, now I have to get my TSH checked every 3 weeks :(