Monday, February 25, 2013

26 Weeks and 1 Day

I decided to post about 26 weeks a day late because we had an appointment today.  This included lab work, ultrasound, glucose test, and meeting with the doctor.  Long appointment, but all good news to report.  Won't know about the glucose test for a few days though.  

Little One:  Nerves are developing in baby's ears so he or she can hear us talking.   Baby probably measures about 14 inches and weighs 1 2/3 pounds.  They didn't check growth at the ultrasound today so this is just a guess from the baby books.  Little One did not enjoy the pictures today and was covering his/her face with hands, but finally showed the lips and nose which is what they needed to see today and everything looked fine.  

Momma:  I am feeling great and still loving every minute of this, I'd do this 10 more times if it weren't so expensive.  I felt a little sad today as this is probably the last time seeing baby until he or she is on the outside.  I should be happy that I am finally just a regular patient, but I got used to the extra testing and looks at the beginning of this process.  

Daddy found out the gender of the baby yesterday, well it's just a prediction from his grandma, but she sounded pretty for sure yesterday when we visited.  She said she can tell by looking at me (keep in mind she can't see very well and the first time I met her years ago she said, "I can see she has a pink shirt on, but I can't see if she's cute").  It was pretty funny how sure she was and she whispered it to Gav because she knows I don't want to find out.  Today after the ultrasound baby was giving me some big kicks, I suppose trying to get comfy again after being pushed on for the pictures.  There in the waiting room on the 6th floor, daddy felt baby for the first time!

26 weeks 1 day

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