Saturday, March 23, 2013

Infertility Flashback

I've been thinking about our infertility journey before the egg donor decision and before I started this blog.  It gets harder and harder to remember the things we've been through.  So, I decided to post a few of the stories that have stuck with me, were harder than others, or are maybe even a little entertaining.

This flashback is from probably May 2009.  I know it was towards the end of the school year and I know it was before we did IVF.  We were in the middle of an IUI cycle with injections.  Things were going well and I had a monitoring appointment before school one morning.  I had a couple mature follicles and the the nurses would be leaving me a message with instructions later that day for the next steps.  I went on to school and then worked a track meet with some of my students after school.  Must have been a wild and busy day at work because I completely forgot to check the messaging system for my plan until I got to my car that evening.  I call, not worried at this time, thinking I would do my trigger shot the next day.  I listen and start to panic as they say I will do my trigger shot that very evening.  I am in a panic because I haven't picked this trigger shot up from the pharmacy yet and my pharmacy is closed, it's too late.  I pull over and call the doctor on call and tell her that I don't have my shot and the pharmacy is closed.  Keep in mind we have already spent a couple thousand dollars on meds and appointments at this point, possibly for nothing if I don't have that shot.  She said that the pharmacy at the big hospital is probably still open, but not for long.  She calls the prescription in there and I start racing to the hospital.

I make it with minutes to spare, quick park, and go running like a crazy person into the hospital and ask the receptionist where the pharmacy is.  As she's telling me, I go running in that direction.  She calls out that they are probably closing.  I remember running around a corner and seeing the door closing from the top like a garage door.  I yell out something, maybe "wait" or "stop" and dive under the closing door.  I scared the crap out of the two gals closing up their things.  I say how sorry I am and close to tears explain my situation about the meds I need.  They turned their computer back on and give me my prescription.

My heart was still racing as I got back to my car and drove home.  It must have been a Tuesday because I remember calling Gav at his softball game and telling him what just happened.  I think I probably called my mom and my best friend because I couldn't believe how close our cycle came to being cancelled.  I got home, gave my shot that night and we probably went in 2 days later for our IUI.  I remember thinking, "it's got to work this time, think of the story we would have about the adventures of making this baby."  Of course two weeks later we got our negative and that was that.  Can't say I didn't try though!

Yesterday after work, I walked some of the same halls at the hospital.  This time, not for meds, something way more important, my sister.  Yesterday she was admitted to the hospital (the hospital in my big town, not her little town an hour away) and put on bed rest.  She is thinning and dilated to 1 cm.  She will be on hospital bed rest until the babies come.  Hopefully the babies don't come for awhile, she is almost 29 weeks right now.  Babies and sister are doing well, but please keep her, her husband, and babies in your prayers.  Pray that the babies hold on and keep growing, pray that my sister stays healthy, that her body cooperates to keep the babies on the inside, and that she keeps her sanity laying in a hospital bed away from home, and pray for my brother-in-law's safe travels back and forth every few days.  

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  1. wow! first of all I will send safe and healthy vibes for your family! did she do IF treatments or just have twins on her own!? That story will probably stay with you forever just because of the added drama! One of those moments that I think 'I should have my own IF tv show!' Think of the episode that our have made for your smithsallin reality show!