Friday, March 15, 2013

28 Weeks

Posting this a little late, almost 29 weeks.  Sorry, it's been a busy week.  In the third trimester and I can't believe it.   Here's the news at 28.

Little One:  Measures about 14.8 inches and weighs 2 1/4 pounds.  Baby can blink, has eye lashes, and can see light filtering in through the womb.  Little one is still moving around a lot, especially after lunch because I'm sitting during my small math class, when I'm relaxing at home, and early in the morning before I want to get up.  Just training me in I suppose.

Parents:  Momma is sure growing and still feeling good.  I was told this week that I look a lot farther along than 7 months.  That was nice, thanks.  I have been having some pains below the baby.  People tell me it's from everything stretching.  Gav is thinking if this hurts I could be in trouble when it comes to labor.  It is starting to sink in for us that we will need to be making some decisions here soon.  We aren't sure shy we've been putting so much off.  We need to do a lot yet.  Like pick out some possible names, buy baby stuff, set stuff up, the list goes on and I don't really want to talk about it because is stresses me out.  Is it because it took so long for us to get pregnant and so long for it to sink in that this is really happening?  Is it because we don't have our own place to set up for baby?  Is it because we are scared it's bad luck to get ready?  Maybe it's just because we're older and more mature and know it will all come together!  I think it's a combination of all.  We had our first childbirth class on Monday night.  Learned all about the stuff that happens to let us know the baby is coming soon; when we should call and head to the hospital and when we can still be at home.  It ended with a massage for momma and a relaxation exercise for both of us.  Daddy does not relax by calming music and meditating.  He says it's because we were the oldest ones there and it's not as easy for us to sit on the floor!

Last weekend I was with my family for my nephew's second birthday and Gavin went on a hockey trip.  I suppose his last guys trip for a little while.  We got to get all the bellies together for a picture!

Sister (27 weeks with twins), me (28 weeks), & sister-in-law (22 weeks)

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