Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Guess We Aren't "Really Worried"

We had our 30 week appointment (a week and a half ago).  I went in assuming I would get more specific instructions for "taking it easy" and getting the steroid shots set up.  Doctor was really casual, like I was just a regular pregnant gal in the third trimester.  I asked about the steroid shots and she said, "No, that would only be if we are really worried."  I thought we were really worried....

She did check me again, which surprised me too.  She said that as long as she is gentle there is no harm in checking again so that I would feel better.  At that time, I was 50 % thinned, but still not dilated.  So, good news.  She seemed to think my taking it easy was fine and there was no need to change anything.

When I was in last week for my progesterone shot I mentioned to the nurse that I thought I may have an infection.  The doctor checked for that and I guess beings she was in the area, checked me to see if there were any changes.  I was still not dilated and no infection, so more good news.

I'm thinking that after my emotional days while Bayden was in the NICU when a doctor opens my chart on the computer they see red flashing messages that say things like:


*  Only tell her good news, especially if she is alone!

*  She WILL cry!

*  Contact husband for any serious conversations!  Until he arrives, act like everything is fine!

So, I am trying not to worry and trust the doctors.  I still try and take it easy whenever I can.  I started teaching summer school last week and the staff in my room are great and help me out so that I can sit as much as possible.  I will be 32 weeks tomorrow.  I really hope to make it through July.  I have let go of my dreams of being over due.

Baby #2 is still quite active and must be growing.  Bayden and I each were told by 2 people last weekend how much we are both growing.  It's cute for her that she is plumping up, but I don't love to hear it about myself.  When I told someone my due date, but briefly explained that I will probably go early, she said, "yeah you don't look like you'll go that long."  Someone else asked me if I'm starting to wonder if I can get any bigger.

When I show Bayden my belly now and say "baby" she points or hits and says, "baby."  It's so cute!  Too bad she doesn't have any idea what it means.

I still feel pretty good, but sleep is hard.  My hips kill me during the night and it's hard to keep switching positions.  What if I get even bigger?!

Next appointment is Monday, hopefully more good news of things staying the same!

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