Thursday, June 19, 2014

End of the 2nd and into 3rd

Man, pregnancy sure goes fast when you find out half way through!  I'm feeling great, but I guess that doesn't mean much when I'm pregnant.  At about 24 weeks, I was in for my weekly progesterone shot and mentioned a lump to the nurse.  I had been having a lump appear off and on by my pubic bone.  It wasn't painful, but was tender.  She asked the doctor to come in and look at it.  She checked it out and figured in was a hernia, but referred me to general surgeon just to be sure.  I guess beings the OB was seeing me that day and my pants were off to check this hernia, she decided to check me.  I wasn't expecting it, but was happy to find out that everything was closed up and nothing happening.  I went to see the general surgeon the next day and found out I do have a hernia and will have to have surgery after the baby arrives.  At first I looked at it as, "why can't I just have a normal pregnancy?"  Now, I'm trying to view it as a way to get a few more weeks off of work.  It's a simple surgery and we have plenty of family and friends who will help us out when we need it.

At 28 weeks, we had an ultrasound to make sure everything was going well.  We were excited to have another look at the baby.  Baby looks great and growing well.  Then, they checked my cervix.  Which they couldn't even measure doing an ultrasound on my stomach because baby is so low.  From a transvaginal ultrasound, we found out my cervix is already shortening.  It should be measuring at least 3 up until 40 weeks, mine was measuring 1.8.  I saw the doctor after that who said bed rest would be drastic, but I should be taking it easy, laying down about half my day.  He checked me also and said my cervix was soft, but not dialated yet.  At that time, I had 1 day of work left so that was good.  That also meant 1 more day of daycare and Bayden and I will be home alone.  Not exactly easy to lay around all day with a busy 1 year old at home.  The doctor figures this same thing happened with Bayden.  I was just born with a weak cervix.  Could I have been born with anything else wrong with my female parts?  I'm already getting the shots, so there isn't anything else to do.

That night I was really disappointed.  Feeling sorry for myself and mad that I can't just have a normal pregnancy.  Feeling jealous of all the moms that have full term babies right there in the hospital room and come home after 2 days.  Worrying about bed rest and the nicu again.  Most of all, I was feeling guilty and worried for Bayden.  I was planning a fun summer for us:  walking to the park, going to the pool, the zoo, etc.  Now, we're going to be staying in and I'm trying to not lift her up.  It made me so sad to think about having another baby in the nicu, what would Bayden do then?  What about her if I do have to do bed rest?

I've been trying to take it easy, but it is hard when I feel fine.  We stay home most days.  She likes to play outside on the deck where we set up a little pool for her.  Whenever daddy is home or someone else is around, I don't pick her up.  When she naps, I lay around or nap too.
We go in today for our 30 week appointment.  I'm guessing they won't check me again so I'm not sure we will have any other news today.  All we can do is keep praying this baby stays put for as long as possible.

Besides all this, I feel good.  Heartburn sometimes.  Still not having any swelling like I did with Bayden.  Sleeping is a little uncomfortable so I'm up a lot during the night.  My weight gain is about the same as with Bayden, but without the swelling, I'm feeling a lot bigger and people tell me that too!  I know this would make a lot of pregnant gals mad, but I'm so happy to be pregnant, I even like to hear this.

Thanks for checking in!

baby #2 28 weeks

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