Saturday, July 26, 2014


Yes, Bayden is growing, doing new things everyday, and meeting milestones.  This post is actually about some pretty exciting pregnancy milestones though.  I'm still pregnant!  I guess the doctor's were right to be acting casual and not worrying at my appointments.

About 2 and a half weeks ago, we met the milestone of passing Bayden's birth of 33 weeks 4 days.  It was such a good feeling.  We celebrated by dinner out and ordering a new grill.  Since then, I've been trying to enjoy each extra day and praying that we can avoid the nicu all together.  

Last Monday I started my weekly appointments.  Another mark I never made it to with Bayden.  Doc didn't check to see if I was dilated, just measured and listened to the heartbeat.  I have been measuring about 2 weeks ahead for the last 2 appointments.  All seemed good and again, she was real relaxed and not worried about a thing.  Next appointment she will check me.  

Tuesday was my last progesterone in oil shot.  I had enough for 1 more dose, but doc said I could stop.  Glad to be done with those.  I also saw the surgeon for my hernia.  I can't really feel it anymore because there isn't much room for things to be moving around anymore.  I will see him again about a week after the baby comes to schedule my surgery.  He was surprised I was still pregnant.

Wednesday marked 35 weeks.  While, I'm so excited to be this far, I'm starting to wonder how people go full term.  I never really got to the uncomfortable stage with Bayden.  This time, I'm there.  I can't sleep because my hips hurt, I'm up to pee about 5 times, and it's a ton of work to roll over and try and get comfortable.  I have a couple other not fun end of pregnancy things going on that I won't get into here!

Here are some pics.  The first are of last week, 35 weeks.  The next pics are of the weekend after our 3rd trimester ultrasound where we found out baby could be early.  Aren't Bayden and I growing!


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  1. Awww! You look fabulous! Gorgeous family! So happy to hear things are going so well!
    Sucks though that you're feeling all the 3rd trimester yuckies!
    Thinking of you! All my best!