Friday, December 21, 2012


My best friend was in town for the last couple nights.  Yesterday we went for manicures and then picked up Gavin and some friends to meet a few more friends out for dinner.  That's what we thought anyway.  We walked into the restaurant, and their was a way bigger group of people saying "surprise!"  An early shower for us!  Since my bestie won't be back again until the little one comes, she wanted to have something for us.  She got in touch with my closest friend here and they planned the get together.  We had no idea and they had been planning this since October.  The biggest surprise is that she cannot keep a secret.  I actually witnessed her tell 2 secrets the night before when we hung out, one to me and one to her mom.  My mom also knew and she can't keep a secret either.  I still can't believe they pulled it off.

The first people we both saw and made us realize what was going on was my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.  They always call when they come to town, what are they doing here?  They rearranged their Christmas plans to be there and had to drive late into the night after that with their 1 1/2 year old.  They are the best and they're the main reason I cried.  Even little Howie said, "surprise."  We spent the night eating, talking, and laughing; a perfect evening.  As I opened presents, I couldn't help thinking and even said it, "I didn't know if I would ever have a baby shower."  Maybe they had one in case the world ended.  We got lots of fun things for this little one who is obviously already spoiled.

The reason the night meant so much to us is the fact that people didn't just come because it was a shower, they came because they know the time and hardship it took to get to this and they've cared all along.  We couldn't have stayed so strong without good friends and family supporting us and last night was a reminder of how blessed we always have been.  It wasn't just a celebration of our little one, it was a celebration of friends and family, our support system.  I will never forget it.

Thank you so much - Kacee, Anna, Kyle, Brock, Tasha, Sam, Chris, Aaron, Kelly, Angie, Jake, Doug, Cindy, Brock, Robin, Howie, Mike, Tara, Marsha.

P.S.  As a gift we got something called butt paste and Gav thought it was a gag gift, not a real thing.  Ha!             

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