Saturday, December 15, 2012

Secret's Out and a Naughty Baby

Those years we spent waiting and trying for a baby, I always thought up these fun ways to tell everyone we were expecting.  Then, when it really happened, beside close family and friends, I just wanted to keep it to myself as long as I could.  Partly because I was worried, but partly just to hold on to the time that it was just between us and those closest to us.  I would have waited until 2013 if I could have.

The only people left to tell lately are the people I work with and friends we don't see often.  I thought I had been doing a pretty good job of hiding things at work still and was going to wait until this coming Monday, get one more doctor appointment in.  Then last Monday, someone from another school was visiting my classroom to train my paraprofessionals on something.  I was talking with her and my para, who has worked with me all 7 years, and she says, "How much time are you taking off?  When are you due?"  I barely know her, how would she know?  I said I wasn't really telling people yet, but June 2nd.  Then she said, "Everyone must know, look at your little bump."  My para then, told me that they've been watching my belly grow for awhile and just waiting for me to say something.  So word is out at work.  

Then, I had book club this week and I wanted to tell, but was still nervous.  I couldn't take it anymore and said it.  Apparently, my boobs and the fact that I always have a glass of wine at book club gave it away there!    

Yesterday, we had another doctor appointment and turns out, it's okay to let everyone know our news!   Here's the updates from our appointment.
  • I got my flu shot.
  • Doctor set up monthly labs to check my thyroid.
  • Doctor will check the length of my cervix at the next appointment because of a procedure I had done in 2006 for an abnormal pap.  She's not worried, but wants to get some good measurements.
  • I told her that I'm worried because nothing seems to be going on now that I'm not gagging anymore.  
  • She looked for the heartbeat and it took awhile to find.  Little one was really moving a lot she said.  It was like she had to chase him/her around my belly to find.  She said she knew something's in there because she could hear the movement and "stay still you're worrying your mother!"  Then, there it was, little one's nice strong heartbeat, in the 150's.  Beautiful sound, and I had a few tears of relief.  
  • Next ultrasound is scheduled for New Year's Eve and doctor appt. on Jan. 2.  I have until the 31st to convince Gavin that we shouldn't find out what we're having!

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