Saturday, August 25, 2012

Random Updates

Sorry for the bullet list, but wanted to share a few updates. 
  • I started my lup.ron shots last Saturday morning.  This seemed to settle my emotions a little, thank God (Your prayers for my mental health were answered).  Hubby hasn't been singing "crazy bitch" this week.  I felt a little icky on Sunday and Monday with cramping and a little nauseous.  I also finished my last pill of northin.drone yesterday.  
  • Some of the bloating also went down the last few days, but I'm still feeling a little gross.  Not liking the sizes I had to buy for my back to school clothes.
  • I have my down-regulation blood work and ultrasound on Tuesday morning.  I will find out that afternoon how Donna is doing and also if everything looks good for me I will be starting my estrogen pills.  I'm guessing that will make me a little crazy again.  Poor Gavin.  Wonder if I should warn him, or just let him figure it out.  I have a few days to think about that one.  
  • Teacher days also start on Tuesday.  Still looks like I will get the first week of school in before we will have to head to the big city for the IVF procedure.  It will be a busy teacher week and first week of school, but I'm starting to get excited for school and my new group of kiddos.
That's all for now.  I will try and post about the appointments on Tuesday hopefully.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  I'm off to my part-time job :(


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