Sunday, August 12, 2012


We're back from a great trip to Cali with the hubby's family.  We did all the tourist stuff:  winery, holly.wood, universa.l studios, dod.ger game, stand-by for but didn't get in, warner.bros tour, San Diego for a pad.res game, beach, and some pool time.  It was our last big thing before school starts for me and of course this egg donor business. 

I started the first med our second day there.  I set my alarm for 5 am to adjust for the time change.  Our donor, who I'm going to start calling Donna, should have started her meds too.   Gavin doesn't love the name, but couldn't think of anything else!  Donna the Donor.  A few side affects.  The girls are a little swollen and tender, but looked great in my swimsuit (trying to look at the positive)!  My feet swelled up one night, but that could also be from the walking and beer at the games.  Some cramping off and on.  And then there was the one night that I got super emotional which I am blaming on the meds.  I start the next med this coming weekend.

As I was writing things in my new school planner last night at my part time job, I noticed that yesterday was an anniversary.  It was 4 years ago that I had my first appointment with an RE.  Seems like longer ago that that.  

Today marks 1 month that we closed on our house.  Also seems like longer ago.  We went to lunch today and actually went to look at a house, just the outside, but might take a look at the inside tomorrow.  The timing is off, but it's a hell of a deal and it's in the country, which I love!  Of course we aren't serious about looking, but we do need to keep our options open.  We can't stay here forever.

Stay tuned for some prayer requests; coming tomorrow hopefully!  Thanks for following and caring about our journey. - Sarah

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