Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Looking Good!

By looking good, I do not mean me on the first day back to workshops at school today.  I was bloated, chunky, and have a few more hairs on my chin.  Thank you fertility meds!  At least no one said anything to my face.

But really, thank you fertility meds because by looking good, I mean mine and Donna's ovaries.  All 4 of them!  We were both in for our down-regulation ultrasounds and blood-work this morning, in different cities.  Everything looked good, all ovaries were "resting" and our bodies are ready to be geared back up.  She will start ovary stimulating meds tomorrow morning.  I will start the estrogen pills to build the lining of my uterus.  I will continue my lupron shots, but a lower dose.  My poor belly has bruises and I think I have at least 10 more days of this shot.  They don't hurt and I started school today, so no more belly-baring shirts anyway.  I'll be okay.  I will get another report this Friday to see how Donna is doing because she will be in for another ultrasound.   I will go in again on the 7th and that afternoon we will have the rest of the game plan for when Donna will ovulate and when the hubby and I need to be in the cities. Prayers for lots of eggs!  Come on Donna!

Have a good week - Sarah

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