Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Part 2

Gav didn't think anyone would read my ridiculously long post about breastfeeding, but I actually did have a few readers and a few comments on here and from friends.  Only one negative comment, I guess there should have been a warning about the pictures at the end.....  didn't know my brother was such a faithful reader!  Anyways, I forgot just a few things so I wanted to add them, also so I don't forget.

The nipple shield:  My  mom called it my "extender."  Ha!  When Bay was around 3 months old, we went to spend the day at my sister's house with her and the babies and my mom.  We spent the day just feeding, changing, and holding babies per usual last summer.  At one point we must have been bored because while nursing, I decided to take the shield off just so we could all laugh at Bayden not knowing what to do with that strange thing in her face.  It was funny.  To my surprise, she latched right on and we were able to throw the extender out.

It gets so much easier:  Nursing a newborn is hard work, but it will pay off later.  When Bayden was older and stronger it was so much easier.  She could hold her head up and find things on her own.  She just needed to be handed to me and she just found everything she needed and became a very efficient eater.  No more holding my boob or holding her head, I could just sit there and look at my phone or watch tv.  Until she was older and more easily distracted, then I had to keep her on task.  It also means less packing in the diaper bag.  We could be gone all day and I didn't have to bring bottles or the pump, she just needed me.

Nursing around other people:  I always thought I would nurse in her nursery or a separate room if we were around other people.  I guess I assumed it took about 5 minutes.  When I realized how long a baby nurses, I quickly decided I wasn't going to go sit by myself for that long.  I hate missing out on things.  No one seemed to mind!  Towards the end, when she was so easily distracted, we did have to go somewhere quiet so she could concentrate.

All done:  I ended up getting the stomach flu last Tuesday after work.  I was too sick to even try and pump.  It crossed my mind because I wanted her to have that milk to fight off the flu herself, but I was too tired and weak if I wasn't puking.  I ended up pumping once just because I was uncomfortable, but my body was just done.  My plan for waiting until our trip didn't work, but she wasn't wanting to even nurse in the mornings before I got sick.  I still miss it, but I don't miss pumping at all!


  1. hope you feel better! how does that work when you are sick - you are supposed to keep breastfeeding so they get the immunity? clearly i have a lot of research to do...

  2. Too bad that you couldn't continue, they always say that you never know when your last time will be and if you did you would savor it more.

    I'm interested to know how much you have stored and how long it will last. Will you formula feed then? Donated breastmilk? Straight cows milk?