Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Single Mom and a Tooth

Well, it started yesterday.  I am now a single mom....

For the next 4 months or so.  Gav started coaching hockey last night.  He was asked to be the assistant coach for a local high school a few months back.  He wasn't sure if he would have another chance to coach this level so he decided to go for it.  Practice started last night and he has a busy schedule of practice and games through February.  Last night he got home at 9:00 and was feeling bad that Bayden was in bed and he didn't get to see her yesterday.  Wouldn't you know, something must have scared her last night around 10:30 and she started screaming.  He got to snuggle and rock her back to sleep, that made him feel better!  After this first week, he will be home earlier besides nights of games.  Bayden and I will sure miss him in the evenings.

We will keep busy though.  Last night I brought her along to the last night of my bible study.  The gals love to pass her around and make her smile.  Crazy to think that about a year ago, I put in a secret prayer request at bible study, "please pray for 2 early pregnancies" for my sister and I.  Here we are a year later getting notes together for our babysitters this weekend for our first family day out without kids.  My family is coming to town for a college football game.  We have 3 gals coming to babysit 1 toddler and 4 babies!  This year, I should have put in a prayer request for the babysitters!

In other news, Bayden is getting her first tooth.  The nurse felt it last Monday when she was giving her oral immunization and we saw it the next day.  She seems to be handling it pretty well, but it makes me sad that she's getting so big.

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