Thursday, June 20, 2013

2 Months 6-18-13

Just a few days late.  Our little B is 2 months old already.  It goes so fast,  just like everyone tells us.  Soon she will be home longer than she was in the nicu.

On Monday B weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces.  She eats between 2 and 3 ounces at a feeding.  When she realizes she is hungry, you just can't get the bottle to her fast enough.  She is still mostly bottle feeding, but we keep working on breast feeding.  Some times are better than others.  We've been getting help at weekly lactation appointments so that's been good.

Bayden loves to be held, snuggled, and sleep in anyone's arms.  Of course we love this as much as she does.  It's crazy how fast she learned when she is put down and how she can get someone to hold her again.  We've gotten a couple little smiles, but nothing consistent so we aren't sure if they were the real thing or not.  She is watching our mouths when we talk to her and moving her mouth and tongue around though.  She is starting to grab and hold on to things (blankets, shirts, my hair, etc.).  She loves to move her legs and arms around.  She is very squirmy and can break her arms of her swaddle unless daddy swaddles her.

Everyone who meets her comments on how much hair she has and the color of course.  It's funny when people say it has a red tint.  It is red people!  My joke is that she was too busy growing her hair on the inside instead of developing her lungs.  Everyone also comments on her eyelashes and how long they are.  It seems like every time we look at them, they are longer.  People must think I'm putting mascara on her.

Can you see her lashes?

And just because we don't want to forget what it was like with her equipment.  You can see she doesn't find this as funny as I do!

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