Saturday, October 6, 2012

Your Men

Last night we went to a birthday party for a good friend.  As we were getting ready, Gav asked if I really wanted to go.  It was at a bar and he was thinking everyone would be asking me why I wasn't drinking.  I didn't want to sit at home and so he decided he would just say he didn't know and to go ask me if anyone asked him. Thanks, but I said, I would think of something.  The party was great, got to see a lot of friends who we haven't seen much since school has started.  Turned out that most of the gals there read the blog and none of the men were going to ask, and we found out later that most of them knew too.  

My brother got to town around 10 and joined us at the bar.  We left around 11 to come home.  He has a big day of tailgating today and I was getting tired.  Plus, my friends were going to start getting drunk and annoying!  Gavin stayed to party longer.

Gav got home after bar close and just like every time I come home early and he stays out, he woke me up to chat.  He said that he felt like the party was for him instead of a birthday party, like he was just at his IVF success party.  The birthday boy is one of his best friends and wouldn't mind this comment, he's pretty excited for us too.  Turns out that while the wives and I were chatting, I assumed the husbands were talking about football, baseball, and hockey; they were really talking about our IVF and blog along with the sports stuff.  Gav said that they said the nicest things to him and how everyone is so happy for us.  I guess a couple guys were quite emotional even and Gav couldn't believe how genuine they were with the things they said.  Then, he said that it's all because of the blog.

Here is what I thought Gavin thought about the blog:  He's thinks it's good for me.  He is glad I have an outlet to write about what we're going through.  He looks at it every couple posts.  He knows that I like to update it.  He wishes I put a link to our bank account for donations.

My husband sometimes doesn't know what he's got until someone points it out.  Like when we go to visit his grandpa and he tells Gavin how his wife is good looking and wonders how he got so lucky.  He has dementia so tells him every time we see him too!  Anyway, last night the men (your men) were telling Gavin how much their wives love the blog.  They see them reading it and crying or laughing and then their wives bring the computers over so they can read it or have to read it.  And I may have made a few of the men tear up too.  Here I thought it was just my aunts crying!  Who knew that stories about needles, stirrups, and mood swings would bring friends closer, even the fellas?  I thought they would roll their eyes with the blog coming there way.   After a few comments from his friends, he realized his true feelings about the blog because at 2 this morning he was rubbing my back and told me

Here is what Gavin thinks about the blog:   the blog is "amazing."  I'm so good at writing and our friends love it.  He's proud of me for being so open and sharing our story.

So, at 2:30 when he had passed out and I couldn't fall back asleep, I was thanking God for the wonderful friends in our lives.  I knew the support I've been getting from the ladies in my life, but now I know the support Gavin got from the men, and he needs it just as much as I do.  Thanks guys!

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