Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Big Sister

Not sure anyone still reads this blog.  Life is busy with 2 little ones and I'm sorry I haven't kept up on this.  Bayden has grown so much and here is a little post on what's new with her.  I have many other posts in my head, that I will hopefully post someday!

I shed many tears while I was pregnant with Henley because I was worried about Bayden and almost felt guilty that she wasn't going to be my baby anymore.  I shouldn't have worried.  She doesn't know any different and she adjusted so well to being a big sister.

Bayden is 19 months now and learning new things every minute it seems.  A few months ago, I was worried she wasn't talking as much as she should.  Now, she's talking all the time!  Most of it we can't understand.  We're thinking it's a secret language, but when we ask if she speaks mandarin, she says, "yeah."  She says "yeah" to everything though.  She says lots of animal names and their sounds.  Our favorites are:  "meow, neigh, hee-haw, and dontey (donkey)."  She points and says lots of body parts, including her butt and elbow, those 2 always make us laugh.  The biggest milestone in her communication was probably the night she said hockey for the first time.  Daddy was so happy.  Now, when she sees it on tv, she points and says, "hotey."  It's the cutest thing ever.  Bayden loves to look at books and point at pictures.  For awhile, all she was playing with were her books in the evening.  Her favorite is The Foot Book.

Bayden's other favorite things to play with are containers.  She loves to put things in and out of different things.

Bayden still loves to eat and we even asked at her 18 month check-up if she was getting too chunky.  We were worried we were going to have to watch her calorie intake, I was already limiting her to one cheese stick a day (her favorite food).  Turns out, she is right on track, just a little short, but will probably have a growth spurt in height soon.

She is such a good little girl.  There have been a few times, that she's shown some jealousy and wanted to be held when I need to be feeding or holding Henley, but she is distracted pretty easily.  She helps by taking Henley's diapers to the garbage and her clothes to the laundry room.  We have caught her several times wiping Henley's eye (she has a clogged tear duct).

She is a silly girl.  She is always making us laugh with her funny faces and crazy things she does.

Bayden's hair is out of control.  It's getting so long, but you'd never know because it just keeps getting curlier.  Every morning, I have to wet it down and try and put a portion of it up somehow so it's out of her face.  She actually leaves pony tails and barrettes in, but hates when I have to take them out.

We love her so much and it is so fun to see her grow and learn, but I sure wish I could slow it down.


  1. Oh my stars! Her hair color is just beautiful! Does Henley have the same color as well?

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