Sunday, March 16, 2014

Time for Some Changes

It is amazing how a body changes with pregnancy.  I didn't even know what heart burn was and I remember doing an online search to figure it out before I even knew I was pregnant.  Then, the day I had Bayden, I remember thinking it was weird I hadn't had any tums that day.  I haven't had heart burn since the day before she was born.  I don't think I shed a single hair while I was pregnant, then when Bayden was about 6 weeks old, it was coming out in clumps.  Now I have all these short hairs growing back, if I didn't already have bangs I would have had to get them to cover up my thinning spots.  It would sure be nice if everything went back to how it was as fast as the heart burn thing.  My friends all warned me how somethings become smaller, some bigger, and other things are just in different places after pregnancy.  But you never really know what that will look like on your own body.  I was back to my pre pregnancy weight (I don't remember when), things were different, but I was okay with my body.  Then, I stopped breast feeding.  I didn't stop eating whatever I wanted though and have gained a few pounds back that have all went to my stomach making me look about 4 months pregnant again.  I ate whatever I wanted for about a year and half and I'm struggling to find time to exercise.  By the time I'm home from work, that gives us about 3 hours for supper, playing, bath, and then it's bed time.  Then, hubby and I like to hang out and watch some shows.

Last weekend, we got the treadmill set up and a TV hung by it.  I signed up for a 10 K and found a training plan.  I ran 3 times last week.  I'm still having trouble changing some eating habits that I know need to change, but hopefully I will get there.

My goals are:  drink more water, say no to treats at work, portion control, to look good for a wedding in April, train and run a 10 K in May, walk with the dog and Bayden once it gets nice out, look better for a wedding in June, be able to wear a swimming suit this summer, and run a half in October.

If only it all came off as fast as my hair did!

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